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Questions you may have...

Do you speak Hindi, Urdu or Punjabi?  No, I do not. I am adopted and do not speak any of these languages. You can feel free to speak to me in whatever language you’d like.  I love foreign languages.


Will you shower with me? Unfortunately, no.  I prefer to shower on my own.   Previous experiences haven't been the greatest...smudged makeup, wet hair, soaking wet bathroom floors...the list goes on. 

How can you ensure that I will enjoy my time with you?  This is where I consider myself to be different than others. I will not say that I can GUARANTEE that you will have the best time of your life; I would be lying. What I can say is that I definitely aim to provide you with the best time.

I truly enjoy what I do.  I am fortunate enough to not have to do this to make ends meet. I do this part-time because I love to meet new people, share knowledge, listen, provide companionship and overall create an amazing girlfriend experience.

Do you do duos?  My duo partner, Kareena, has retired. I am currently open to new duo partner suggestions.
I have worked with the following ladies as of late: Zaara Khan & Zahra X.

What kind of gifts do you like?  Anything sealed, and unopened.  It's the thought that counts.  My favourite gift, I would have to say, is a gift card.  Any gift card.

It is my first time meeting you. What do you suggest? Ideally, for first time meetings, I would recommend a 90-minute session, so that we can break the ice and get to know each other i.e. our likes/dislikes etc. prior to diving into the fun stuff.

Can I take photos/videos of our time together? No, Sir. Absolutely not.  I'm not a pornstar or a model.  I'm your girlfriend.

Do you do overnights? No, I do not.

Do you do dinner dates? Not on the first date - unless we are ordering in, kicking back and relaxing. To wine and dine with me in a public setting, I would much rather we meet behind closed doors first.  Sounds backwards, right? lol

What services do you provide? 

This question is pretty difficult for me to answer. I really do not like to get into abbreviations - rather, I prefer you visit me with an open-mind and we can see how we connect in person.  I suggest doing some research online where you find numerous reviews of me, and/or follow me on Twitter where you may be able to get the answers you are looking for.